Exciting news! In two separate sessions, held over June and September, I’ll be hosting a six week introductory wheel throwing class at Sunken Studio in Leeds. Full details and link to book below..

6 Week Course: Introduction to Throwing

“Learn how to make pots using a Potter’s Wheel with Franky from Grey Suit Clay. She’ll introduce you to the basics of throwing and turning your own pots. You’ll learn how to prepare clay and throw a range of basic forms.

Our beginners course is designed to provide you with an overview of different throwing techniques and processes. It’s tutor-led and is suited to those who need technical direction and support. We set tasks to develop your material awareness and understanding of common technical and practical issues. We also introduce relevant tools, equipment and studio practices.

Sessions are 2 hours long. You should expect to make many pieces but to keep only a few. Throwing, like many processes, involves repetition and iteration - be prepared to evaluate your progress and be ruthless if things don’t make the grade.

Prerequisites: none, designed for beginners and anyone wanting to refine existing skills.

This six-week course covers:

  • Preparing and recycling clay

  • Centering

  • Throwing cylinders

  • Throwing bowls

  • Trimming and turning

  • Pulling and attaching handles

This course doesn’t cover glazing. We’ll do that for you and your pots will be ready for collection within 28 days of the session.”

Click to book!