Studio Move: The beginning..

Halfway through January this year, I took a leap of faith with Grey Suit Clay and moved on up into a big old space just down the road from my little Bloc Studios box. 

Located in an old Plate Works, and originally a pewter engraving workshop, this room had beautiful bones but needed a huge amount of work to get it dustbowl ready. February and March were a blur of scrubbing, painting, learning to plasterboard and then scrubbing and painting some more.

My rickety old kiln, Big Blue didn't do too well with the move and had to essentially be rebuilt for the new room (one eye-wateringly expensive part at a time) - Nothing was straightforward..

But four months on, with Big Blue happily firing away and new members joining the studio plant gang weekly, GSC HQ Mark II is starting to feel very much like home and I can't wait to share the progress with you throughout the year.

Frank HagueComment